The organic garden

Let yourself be inspired by the colours and scents in our organic garden

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Our passion for sustainable cultivation and the use of local products led us to create a vegetable orchard where nature can give us the best of its fruits

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Our organic vegetables are grown with love and respect for the Earth. Each plant is carefully cultivated, without the use of pesticides or chemicals, to ensure that our products are wholesome and healthy. You will feel the difference in the taste and quality of our vegetables, which give off freshness and energy in every bite in our restaurant’s dishes, masterfully prepared by our chef.

The vegetable garden is a treasure trove of Mediterranean flavours. Be surprised by the sweetness of sun-ripened tomatoes, the crunchiness of peppers, and the explosion of colour of aubergines. Fresh and tender courgettes, juicy cherry tomatoes and trunzo cabbage are just some of the delicacies that the garden offers, of course each season will give us different produce. But that’s not all, let the scent of oregano, basil, thyme and sage pervade you.

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For us, the organic garden means dedication to healthy and sustainable food. We believe that produce grown with love and respect for nature has a unique flavour that can turn a simple meal into an extraordinary taste experience. Come and discover the garden and enjoy the freshness of our organic vegetables and the vibrancy of Mediterranean spices. Experience the authentic taste of produce that only organic cultivation can offer, and let the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine carry you on an authentic and wholesome culinary journey.

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