Bio estate

An organic estate surrounded by a lavish citrus grove, vineyards and paths winding to the edge of the Simeto river

An oasis of peace and quiet, where you can regenerate your mind and body by immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.

Nèroli, the essence of orange blossom, is the inebriating scent that pervades the estate when the citrus grove is in bloom. It is that holiday memory that will remain with you, along with the warm colours of Etna and the scents, not only of the citrus grove but also of the vineyards surrounding our organic estate. A natural spectacle that creates a mosaic of green shades that mingle with the hues of the sky.

The nature paths on the estate lead all the way to the Simèto river banks, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself completely in unspoilt nature. You can walk while admiring the local flora and fauna. The soothing sounds of nature will accompany you along the way, creating an atmosphere of absolute peace.

We believe in the educational and cultural value of Nature, which is why our restaurant Dispensa Giaretta, too, follows the seasons and the rhythm of the vegetable garden on the estate. Our cuisine is based on organic ingredients from local producers and traditional recipes. Authentic and genuine flavours blend with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, creating a unique sensorial experience.
Choosing the Néroli organic estate means indulging in nature, letting its charm and harmony transport you to a world of peace and relaxation.

Join us and discover the regenerating power of nature amidst citrus groves, vineyards and riverside paths.

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