December traditional Cooking Class


Learning to cook traditional Sicilian dishes, Neroli bio relais proposes a sensorial walk to discover the products of the territory and their use in the kitchen, thanks to the preparation of the most authentic recipes that the Sicilian tradition preserves and passes down from generation to generation.

The suggestions of the Sicilian culinary art are realised in theoretical and practical learning thanks to the skilful professionalism of Chef Salanitri Mimmo.




Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December “The Cauliflowers

Let’s prepare together cauliflower fritters, “scacciata” with tuma and cauliflowers, “bastaddi affucati”; paired with “DeiMonaci” frappato wine


Wednesday 6 and 9 December ” The borage and meatloaf “.

We harvest and prepare risotto with borage, Sicilian meatloaf paired with frappato ” DeiMonaci”.


Friday 15 and Saturday 16 December ” Arancini cannoli and Rosoli “.

Let’s prepare together arancino with ragout and Bronte pistachio, ricotta cannoli, lemon and bay leaf rosolio; accompanied by white Calamossa and rosolio


From 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.



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